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Minimally invasive surgery

Using a robot to help perform surgery may seem like something out of science fiction, but the success of robot-assisted surgery has drastically improved the lives of patients at MultiCare Yakima Memorial.

Traditional surgical procedures often require large, invasive incisions. In contrast, minimally invasive and robotic surgeries typically require only small, 1 cm incisions.

What are minimally invasive and robotic surgeries?

Minimally invasive surgery is an alternative to traditional procedures, which typically require large, invasive incisions. Robotic surgery allows highly skilled surgeons to perform incredibly precise procedures that would otherwise require longer recovery times. Minimally invasive and robotic surgeries specifically target the area being treated, typically with small, 1 cm incisions—greatly improving safety and treatment outcomes. Some patients are able to return to their normal lifestyles in only a few days—something that may have taken weeks or months with traditional surgery.

Benefits of minimally invasive surgery:

  • Less pain. Small, precise incisions mean a less invasive and painful procedure.
  • Fewer complications. Small, precise incisions mean a lower risk for infections or blood transfusions.
  • Less scarring. Small, precise incisions mean fewer unappealing scars.
  • Faster recovery. Small, precise incisions mean a shorter hospital stay and getting back to your life sooner.
  • Equivalent success rates. Small, precise incisions mean outcomes that are just as effective as traditional surgery.

Why choose MultiCare Yakima Memorial for minimally invasive surgery?

A highly skilled surgeon operates the da Vinci robotic surgery system only a few feet away from a patient, with medical support staff nearby to assist.

  • Surgical expertise. MultiCare Yakima Memorial's surgeons are well versed in the use of the daVinci robotic surgery system.
  • Care when you need it. MultiCare Yakima Memorial's specialized surgeons are ready to proceed with your surgery in as little as a week, and consultations are often available within days.
  • A culture of safety first. For more than a decade, MultiCare Yakima Memorial has been pursuing the highest level of quality and safety by establishing a wide-ranging system of checks and balances to eliminate errors.

Take the next step

Deciding to have surgery does not need to be a difficult decision. Find out if minimally invasive or robotic-assisted surgery at MultiCare Yakima Memorial is right for you by speaking with your doctor.