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Patient rights & responsibilities

As A Patient:

You have entrusted us with your most valuable asset — your health. We strive to provide quality care in accordance with your wishes and are dedicated to protecting your dignity at all times. There are also certain responsibilities that you must assume as a patient. These Patient Rights and Responsibilities are provided for your information. If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them.

You Have The Right To:

  • Important information about your care in your preferred
  • Get information in a manner that meets your needs, if you have vision, speech, hearing or mental
  • Know the names of the caregivers who treat
  • Safe
  • Have your pain
  • Be treated and cared for with dignity and
  • Confidentiality, privacy, security, complaint resolution, spiritual care, and If communication restrictions are necessary for patient care and safety, the hospital and the Family of Services must document and explain the restrictions to the patient and family.
  • Be protected from abuse and
  • Access protective
  • Complain about your care and treatment without fear of retribution or denial of
  • Timely complaint
  • Be involved in all aspects of your care including refusing care and treatment and resolving problems with care
  • Be informed of unanticipated outcomes according to RCW 41.380.
  • Be informed and agree to your
  • Have family input in care
  • Have advance directives and for the hospital to respect and follow those
  • Request no resuscitation or life-sustaining
  • End of life
  • Donate organs and other tissues according to RCW 50.500 and

68.50.560 including medical staff input and direction by family or

surrogate decision makers.

Your Responsibilities Are To:

  • Provide complete and accurate information to the best of your knowledge regarding your medical history, including past medical records, past pain treatment and alcohol and other drug addiction
  • Inform the health care provider, if available, all allergies and drug side

effects and concerns regarding prescription drugs.

  • Refrain from using other psychoactive agents, including alcohol, alternative products, or over-the-counter drugs without agreement of the
  • Inform the health care providers about the effectiveness and

achievement of your pain management goals.

  • Follow the advice of your health care team to the best of your ability and to report any change in condition to your physician or
  • Inform the hospital staff when instructions to you, information provided to you, or answers to your questions are not understandable or cannot be
  • Be responsible for your actions if treatment is refused or instructions are not
  • Ask for an explanation if you have any questions about your bill and to reimburse Yakima Valley Memorial for all services within an appropriate
  • Be considerate of others by respecting privacy of roommates, limiting visitors and observing Yakima Valley Memorial safety
  • Present your important valuables or personal articles to Yakima

Valley Memorial staff for safekeeping during your stay.

For Your Information:

Patients, families or visitors have the right to register complaints or concerns about any aspect of their care or experience with Yakima Valley Memorial.

Complaints or concerns that you have may be made verbally to any hospital staff member. Written complaints, grievance or suggestions may be addressed to the hospital in care of administration.

Or you can contact Patient Relations at 509-469-5411. Patient Relations will respond within 48 business hours. The usual expected timeframe for resolution is within 30 days. If a longer period is required, Patient Relations will communicate the anticipated timeframe to you in a timely manner. You have the right to work with us to resolve issues related to your care.

You may also contact the Washington State Department of Health or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (TJC), and notify them of your grievance in writing or by calling their toll free numbers:

Washington State Department of Health Systems Quality

Assurance Complaint Intake

P.O. Box 47857 Olympia, WA 98504-7857 800-633-6828

Joint Commission:

An Ombuds is a person who is available to provide free and confidential

assistance resolving concerns related to your care.

Office of the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman: ombudsman.html

Medicare Help and Support: